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S E N I O R  P A S T O R

God has elevated Apostle Abercrombie from level to level, and glory to glory, in new dimensions of His power, grace and anointing. 

Apostle Abercrombie holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia. Soon after graduation, he became a successful entrepreneur. As he was establishing and acquiring businesses and land throughout the city, God was developing his apostolic call to plant churches and birth sons and daughters into the ministry. 

Apostle Abercrombie loves the Word of God, the will of God and the people of God. He travels internationally into Asia, Africa, and South America to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the billions of people who don't know Truth. He's developed a school of Ministry to teach, train, activate and perfect the saints, and to equip them to become an effective apostolic army in the Kingdom of God. His vision to change the nations is affirmed by God's promises and the Holy Spirit's guidance into new territories. 

Apostle Abercrombie is married to the lovely Prophetess Rosemary. They have five beautiful children: John III, Porcha, Ashle, Angel, and Joshua, and give grandchildren. 

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